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Silicone Coated Wire Reinforced Fiberglass Fabric

Products Mode:
Working temperature: 260℃
Melt temperature: 850℃
Application: Welding blanket; Fire blanket; Welding curtain, pad; Smoke curtain; Insulation mattress, blanket; Insulation cover

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SC400R/SC600R is a middle heavy silicone coated s.s wire reinforced fiberglass fabric on both side. It is sutiable for short time extremely fire or thermal insulation cloth purpose. With silicone rubber coated, the insulation fiberglass fabric add on properties on oil resistance, chemical resistance, waterproof. C400R/C600R wire reinfoced fire resistance fiberglass cloth is very strong, durbale , weave stable fabric especially exposure on high temperature or fire condition. This silicone coated stainless steel wire reinforced fiberglass fabric can be used for UL1709 standard fireproof removable insulation jacket/cover.

EAS owns high speed and qualified wire, fiberglass composite machine and stable woven machine for the filament and texturized wire reinroced glass fabric basis. 

EAS can produce all the silicone coated glass fibre fabric based on EAS's glass fibre fabric.

High tensile and tear strength, durability, vibration resistance
Superior waterproof, chemicals, oil and heat resistance
Flame retarded and low smoke, good fire resistance and retentaion
Colors can be made as request, grey, silver

Removable insulation cover, blanket; Fabric epxansion joint; Turbine, exhaust, engine covers; Fire curtains

Products Description:
Item Total Thickness
Coating weight, g/m2 Coating side Total weight
SC200 0.22 50 1 250 Plain
0.22 120 2 320 Plain
SC400 (ECO) 0.40 60 1 480 4H Satin
0.40 80 1 500 4H Satin
0.40 100 1 520 4H Satin
0.40 130 1/2 550 4H Satin
0.40 160 2 580 4H Satin
0.40 200 1/2 620 4H Satin
SC600 (ECO) 0.80 120 1 760 8H Satin
0.80 260 2 900 8H Satin
0.80 300 2 940 8H Satin
0.80 400 2 1040 8H Satin
SC600R 0.80 130/260 1/2 840/970 8H Satin
SC800 (ECO) 1.0 200 2 1080 8H Satin
1.0 260 2 1120 8H Satin
1.1 1000 1 1840 8H Satin
SC1000(R) 1.3 750 1 1850 Plain
1.5 1550 2 2550 Plain
SA30 1.3 1000 1/2 2000 Plain
ST600 0.70 100 1 700 8H Satin
0.70 200 2 800 8H Satin
ST1200 1.30 300 2 1500 12H Satin

Packaging Details:
Roll length: 50meters or 100meters
Roll width: 1200mm, 1500mm
One carton one roll
20rolls per pallet


Fiber forming

Textile woven, knitting, braiding

Fabric coating


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    EAS produces single fiberglass yarn, high temperature sewing threads, fiberglass woven fabrics, coating fabrics and fabrics finish. If necessary, EAS will buy other yarns for specific textiles request.
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