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Mar 13, 2022
High silica fiber is the abbreviation of high-purity silicon oxide amorphous continuous fiber. Its silicon oxide content is 96 – 98%, and its continuous temperature resistance is 1000 ℃ and short-term temperature resistance is 1400 ℃; Its finished products mainly include continuous yarn, rope belt, casing, mesh cloth and sewing products. It is mainly used for 1000 degree ultra-high temperature fire prevention and heat insulation. The diameter of single fiber is greater than 5 microns and does not contain any asbestos or ceramic cotton, which is completely harmless to health.
High silica fiber can maintain good strength and elasticity for a long time at 1000 ℃. It is an effective thermal barrier for ultra-high temperature heat flow and jet flame, and a reliable protective device for personnel and facilities; It has low thermal conductivity, good resistance to high thermal shock, is inert to most chemicals, has good corrosion resistance to compounds, corrosive minerals and weakly alkaline molten alloys at high temperature, and works normally and continuously under high heat and strong radiation conditions.
It has been widely used in spacecraft anti thermal ablation materials, high-temperature insulator, high-temperature gas dust collection, liquid filtration, metal melting filtration, purification and so on. It has a very broad application prospect and huge market potential
Production process
The production of high silica glass fiber is to make yarn, cloth and other products with appropriate original glass composition according to the production process of ordinary glass fiber. After acid leaching and hot sintering process, high silica glass fiber products with high temperature resistance close to quartz fiber can be obtained For the original glass components, E glass and si02-b203-na2o and si02-b203 binary system are mainly used as the original glass components. Three component sodium borosilicate glass is mainly used in China.
In production, the high silica products are leached by acid, and the B203 and Na2O components are leached out and transferred into the solution by using the phase separation of its structure to make the microporous silica skeleton with the enrichment of SiO2 more than 96%, and then shaped by high-temperature thermal sintering at 600-800 ℃, so that the micropores are closed and the skeleton structure tends to be close, so as to prepare high-performance high silica glass fiber products.
Performance characteristics
(1) The softening point is close to 1700 ℃, which can be used at 900 ℃ for a long time, and can withstand thousands of degrees of airflow in an instant.
(2) It maintains good performance and stability in organic and inorganic acids (except hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid), even at high temperature and weak base.
(3) It has high stability to thermal shock and ultra-high radiation, excellent insulation performance under high temperature and high humidity conditions, and good bonding performance with high temperature adhesive.
(4) It is moisture resistant, sunlight resistant and earthquake resistant. It can be used for various sealing materials. The product has a firm structure and maintains softness under many high temperature conditions.
(5) Stable structure and performance, no harm to human body, and can replace ceramic fiber and asbestos fiber (crystal phase transformation occurs at high temperature).
(6) High fire protection temperature, no oxidation and discoloration when burning in gasoline, high intensity and no secondary pollution.
(7) It has good wear resistance and insulation performance, and the price has a competitive advantage in most cases.
(8) Its skeleton can be properly controlled to make various membranes for liquid filtration, gas separation or as a carrier of catalyst or enzyme.
With so many advantages and characteristics, high silica glass fiber products have received high attention and extensive research, and have been widely used in many demanding working environments. The development and research of high-performance high silica glass fiber products will have great market prospects.
Main purpose
● high temperature resistant, heat insulation, heat preservation and sealing materials
● high temperature ablative materials
● fireproof materials (making fireproof clothing, fireproof curtain, fire blanket, etc.)
● high temperature gas dust collection and liquid filtration
● metal melt filtration and purification
● noise elimination, heat insulation and waste gas filtration of automobiles and motorcycles
● welding insulation and protective materials
● electrical insulating materials

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