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Apr 30, 2021

Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) is made by fiberglass reinforcement cured with thermoplastic resins typically unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, phenolic. Glass fiber are formed with various types 1. fiberglass roving 2. Fiberglass woven roving 3. Fiberglass chopped strands mat 4. Fiberglass stitched combo mat 5. Stitched laid axial fabric 6. fiberglass woven fabric.

Fiberglass direct roving: Direct roving is a non twisted and single filament yarn for filament winding and pultrusion. It is typical roving reinforcement for FRP tank, pipe, gratings, profiles.


Fiberglass roving for spray up (Gun roving): Assembled roving is several roving assembled for gun spray up. It is typical roving reinforcement for pools, water tanks.
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Fiberglass woven roving: Also called roving fabric. It is typical lamination material for hand lay up and compression.

Fiberglass woven roving combo mat: It is a combination of woven roving (360-800g/m2) and chopped strands (50-800g/m2) through polyester yarn stitched. It is typical material for FRP boat, board etc.


Fiberglass multi-axials: fiberglass stitched fabric with Unidirectional Fabrics (0° or 90°), Biaxial Fabrics (0°, 90°), (±45°), Triaxial Fabrics (0°, ±45°), (90°, ±45°), and Quadraxial Fabrics (0°, 90°, ±45°). The entire or partial warp (0°), weft (90°) and double bias (±45°) plies are stitched into a single fabric. The multi-axials fabric can be stitched combination with chopped strands. Fiberglass biaxial fabric most widely used in Vaccum infusion process and applicated to Wind energy, Boats & Yachts building, FRP vessles, Auto parts, Waste-water treatment, Storage tanks, Sports apparatus etc.
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Fiberglass woven fabric (FRP cloth): Fiberglass woven fabric for reinforcement is mainly divided into PCB(printed circuit board) 7628, 2116, 1080 and other FRP products 1522, 7533, 7781. It is a typical material for FR4 board, FRP sports, aircraft products.