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Jun 25, 2021
Two major properties of silicone fireproof cloth:

Thermal insulation silicone cloth is produced with silicone rubber as raw material, mainly composed of inner rubber layer and outer rubber layer. It is a high-performance composite material. Let's take a look at the two major properties of silicone fire-resistant cloth.

Performance 1: Silicone fireproof cloth can withstand high and low temperatures, and the temperature difference is large, so the silicone cloth will not be restricted during use, and it is an ideal anti-corrosion material.

Performance 2: Silicone cloth has high insulation performance, and the surface friction of the cloth is relatively large, and the elasticity is also better. Like the heat insulation silicone cloth, it is widely used.

Both silicone cloth and flame-retardant cloth are fire-resistant materials with superior performance. Generally speaking, fire-resistant cloth is flame-retardant cloth. There is not much difference between the two. There are certain differences. Only flame-retardant fabrics with a high level of flame-retardant can be called fire-retardant fabrics. Therefore, fire-retardant fabrics are an "upgraded version" of fire-retardant fabrics. So, what are the subtle differences between fire-retardant cloth and flame-retardant cloth?

1. By definition:

Fireproof cloth is a kind of fiber fabric fireproof material that has been specially treated. It is a flame-retardant material and is mainly used to prevent fires. It has a higher flame retardant coefficient; and the flame-retardant cloth is also a fiber fireproof material with a lower level of flame retardancy. , But after being ignited by an open flame, it will self-extinguish within a certain period of time to prevent the spread of the fire;

2. In terms of performance characteristics:

The fireproof cloth has good airtightness, strong temperature resistance, can reduce the ignition point of flammable items, protect the protective substrate from fire and avoid being burned, can reduce the loss of people's lives and property due to fire, and has all the functions of flame-retardant cloth; The combustible cloth has good non-combustibility, high temperature resistance, no irritation, anti-corrosion, soft texture, but the fire resistance is lower than that of the fireproof cloth;

3. Application:

Fire-resistant cloth has stronger fire resistance, and is mainly suitable for areas with high fire protection requirements, such as fire protection, public entertainment, petrochemicals, etc.; and fire-resistant cloth can be used in areas where the temperature is relatively low, but also affects the body to a certain extent, and is used for isolation Spark splashing can block and block flammable and explosive dangerous goods, etc.

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