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Jul 16, 2021
Silicone cloth is made by coating or calendering silicon rubber uniformly on glass fiber cloth. Silicone coated glass fiber cloth not only has the high temperature resistance, high strength and non-combustibility of glass fiber, but also has excellent mechanical processing performance, weather resistance, chemical stability and economy of silicone rubber. Therefore, silica gel coated fiberglass cloth as the most commonly used thermal insulation material is widely used in the production of various industrial fields.

Silicone coated fiberglass cloth has the following characteristics:

1. Silicone cloth coated fiberglass cloth has high/low temperature resistance. The high-quality alkali-free glass fiber base cloth can ensure that the silicone coated fiberglass cloth can work for a long time at the maximum temperature of 550℃. If you choose special 316# stainless steel wire reinforced glass fiber base cloth, it can work temporarily in the highest temperature zone of 1000 ℃. In addition, the excellent silicone rubber [2] mixing process can make the silicone cloth have better high temperature stability, and will not quickly age, crack or even burn when exposed to heat. High-quality silicone cloth also has excellent low temperature resistance. In the low temperature environment of -50℃, it still has good elasticity. It is precisely because of the excellent high/low temperature resistance of high temperature silicone cloth that it is widely used in various high temperature insulation protection and low temperature heat preservation projects.

2. Silicone cloth coated glass fiber cloth has excellent weather resistance and aging resistance. The excellent silicone rubber mixed vulcanization process makes the silicone cloth have higher weather resistance and aging resistance. Whether it is direct sunlight, rain erosion, extreme weather conditions, high-quality high-temperature silicone cloth can ensure a service life of more than 10 years.

3. Silicone coated fiberglass cloth is waterproof and chemically resistant

Excellent silicone rubber compound with relatively high density and uniform dispersion. The silica gel cloth has excellent air tightness and is very good, and can well block the erosion of water, steam and other chemical solvents. At the same time, the excellent tear strength can prevent the appearance from being scratched or punctured by sharp objects, effectively maintaining the target object.

4. Silicone cloth coated fiberglass cloth has good elasticity and is easy to cut and stitch. High-quality silicone cloth should be easy to cut, without fraying, no hairiness and easy to stitch after cutting. At the same time, it has excellent fabric elasticity, so that there is no porosity after sewing.

5. Silicone cloth coated glass fiber cloth has a smooth and beautiful appearance, with various colors. The excellent coating process ensures that the silicone cloth has a smooth surface, uniform color and good glue fastness. The high-quality high-temperature silicone cloth is available in a variety of colors for users.

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