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Jul 09, 2021
The fire blanket is a very soft fire-fighting appliance. In the initial stage of a fire, it can extinguish the fire with oxygen at the fastest speed to control the spread of the disaster. It can also be used as a protective object for timely escape. As long as the fire blanket is wrapped around the body, The blanket itself has the characteristics of fireproof and heat insulation, and the human body can be well protected during the escape process. The specially treated glass fiber twill fabric of the fire blanket is as smooth, soft and tight as silk and does not irritate the skin. With a thickness of 0.43mm, it is an ideal and effective outer protective layer for people and objects that must be far away from the heat source, and it is very easy to wrap objects with uneven surfaces. It can be reused without damage. It is compatible with water-based Compared with type and dry powder fire extinguishers: there is no expiration period; no secondary pollution will be produced after use; insulation and high temperature resistance. The fire blanket is easy to carry, simple to configure, can be used quickly, and is a green, environmentally friendly, non-polluting product, and is the best choice for fire prevention, fire fighting and emergency handling.

The advantages of fire blankets compared with wet quilts:

Wet rags or wet quilts can also play a flame retardant effect. They can not only insulate oxygen but also have a cooling effect. When the water on the wet rags or wet quilts evaporate, they will absorb heat and will not cause them to be ignited in a short period of time. However, if the fire is large, the water will be evaporated to dryness within a period of time, which will cause the burning of cotton fire extinguishing equipment.

Fire blankets themselves are made of non-combustible materials, and the temperature of the fire site is usually impossible to change their chemical properties, so they are more suitable for fire fighting.

The correct use of fire blankets:

The fire blanket can cover the fire source and block the air to achieve the purpose of extinguishing fire. So how to use the fire blanket correctly?

1. In the early stage of a fire, quickly take out the fire blanket and hold two black drawstrings with both hands.
2. Gently shake the fire blanket away and hold it in your hand as a shield.
3. Cover the fire blanket gently on the flame, and cut off the power or air source at the same time.
4. The fire blanket continues to cover the fired object, and active fire-fighting measures shall be taken until the fired object is completely extinguished.
5. After the fire is extinguished and the fire blanket cools down, wrap the blanket into a ball and treat it as non-burnable garbage.

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