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Welding Fiberglass Fabric HT800

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HT800 heat clean fiberglass fabric is specially designed for welding blanket. It provides excellent sparks protection and smoke occurring.

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Fiberglass Fire blanket for welding HT800 is a typical welding fire blanket used as welding blanket and insulation lining to shield against moderate to heavy welding sparks. HT800 fiberglass fabric is used fabric 3784 (C800) as basis caramelized tight and heat treated satin weave pattern results in a thicker, heavier and stronger fabric far more resistant to heat impact from welding sparks as compared to other thinner texturised cloths.

HT800 also has a non hairy texture preventing irritation to the exposed skin which is common in other lower quality fabric and asbestos cloth. It is used extensively in the ship fabrication, ship repairs, Oil and gas, petrochemical and metal construction industries where heat insulation, insulation lining and extensive welding take place.

 HT800 Data EAS   U.S
Total   area weight 840g/m2 24.7oz/sq.y
Tensile  strength Warp   2500   N/50mm 450   lbs/in
Weft 1950   N/50mm 270   lbs/in
Treatment Heat clean Heat clean
Weave   8H satin 8H satin

Width: 1m,1.5m
Length:50m, 100m
By carton, Pallet