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Aluminized Fiber Glass Cloth

Products Mode:
Adhesive temperature: Acrylic/Silicone
Aluminum: Aluminum foil/Aluminum PET film
Application: Thermal reflective facing; Reflective cloth

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Aluminized fiber glass cloth is classified as aluminum foil and aluminum PET film with acrylic adhesive and silicone adhesive. Depends on the application, aluminum foil fiber glass cloth is typically used for regular thermal facing, high temperature reflection by water based acrylic adhesive. Solvent acrylic based adhesive aluminum foil with glass cloth are more suitable for fabrication purpose, more aluminum foil durable and abrasion resistance. Aluminum PET film laminated fiber glass/aramid cloth is more suitable used for high temperature reflective safety cloth or thermal insulation cover jackets. 

-Aluminum foil is a waterproof but porous material which is an ideal thermal facing material excellent to widely used with glass fabric or glass scrim reinforced. 

Aluminum foil Vapour permeability, g/m2, 24hrs
7um 1.08-7.0
13um 0.6-4.8
18um 0-1.24
25um 0-0.46
30um 0

-Aluminum PET film provides excellent durable durable material fabrication and frequent movement and also provide extra waterpoof function. 
EAS weave basis glass fabric, silica fabric, para-aramid fabric 85-2000g/m2 and all fabric an be lamianted with aluminum foil 7um, 14um, 18um, 20um, 25um, 40um. 

Products Description:
Item Fabric type Thickness,
Aluminum foil,
Weave Total Weight, g/m2
ALC85 C85ECO 0.09 7 Plain 115
ALC110(M) C110ECO 0.12 7,18 Plain 130
ALC200(M) C200A 0.19 7, 18 Plain 240
ALC400(M) C400ECO 0.43 7, 14 4H satin 480
ALC600C C600C 0.60 14,18 Double Plain 660
ALC600 C600ECO 0.65 14,18 8H satin 660
AL(H)A84215(M) HA84215 0.50 18 Plain 400
AL(H)A2025(M) HA2025 0.80 18 Plain 660
ALA3200(R) A3200(R) 1.50 18 Plain 1100
ALA4000(R) A4000(R) 2.0 18 Plain 1400
ALA6000(R) A6000(R) 3.0 18 Plain 1900
ALR1000W R1000W 2.0 18 Plain 1100
ALR1500W R1500W 3.0 18 Plain 1500
ALT600 T600 0.70 18 8H satin 660


Standard length: 50meters, 100meters
One roll by kraft paper or carton
20rolls per carton


Fiber forming

Textile woven, knitting, braiding

Fabric coating


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