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May 18, 2021
China Composites Expo 2021 (CCE2021) will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center during Sep. 13 to Sept. 15. 
Schedule of CCE2021
CCE is the biggest exhibition for composite industry in China, which comes from every niche segment of composites industry, including:
1. Raw materials and related equipment: resins (epoxy, unsaturated polyester, vinyl, phenolic, etc.), reinforcement (glass, carbon, aramid, basalt, polyethylene, natural, etc.), adhesives, additives, fillers, pigment, pregreg, etc., and all related production and process equipment.

2. Composites manufacturing processes and related equipment: spray, filament winding, mould compression, injection, pultrusion, RTM, LFT, Vacuum infusion, autoclave, OOA, AFP process and related equipment; honeycomb, foam core, sandwich structure process and related equipment.

3. Finished Parts and Application: applied in Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Energy/Electricity, Electronics, Construction, Transportation, Defense, Mechanics, Sport/Leisure, Agriculture, etc.

4. Quality control and inspection: NDE and other inspection systems, robots and other automation systems.

5. Composites recycling, repairing, energy saving and environment protection technology, process and equipment.

6. Other high performance composites: metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites, wood-plastic composites and related raw materials, finished parts and equipment.