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High Strength Silica Fabric

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Place of Origin: China
Material: 96% amorphous
Width: 920mm, 1000mm,1200mm, 1500mm
Application: Thermal Insulation, Fireproof
Weight: 400g/m2
Colors: White, Brown

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T400 is a high silica fabric over 96% SiO2 woven from silica fiber.  That has high strength and low weight duty. 

Other option
Standard high silica cloth
Pre-shrunk silica cloth

Weight: 400g/m2±10%.
Base Fabric and Weave: Silica fiber/8H satin weave.
SiO2 content: ≥96%
Thickness: 0.6mm.
Coating: PU
Temperature resistance: 1000℃
Width: 920mm, 1000mm, 1250mm,1300mm